I’ll be doing another concert at Derby Dinner Playhouse in Clarksville, Indiana, next April 14th. It will be a night of some of my favorite country music songs. Great band and special guests. More to follow! Hope you can make it.


About Melissa Combs

Professional singer and actress.
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  1. Bill Houghton says:

    When do tickets go on sale? We will certainly be there to see you.

    • Actually they are on sale now Billy. Should be a good show. Good band and guests…I’m surprised you saw the post. My website has disappeared and I’m playing around trying to figure out what happened. The blog shows up (where you saw the post for the concert) but not my home page/bio. I don’t know what happened. Someone trying to locate me for a gig drew it to my attention. I have no idea how long it has been missing.

      • Bill Houghton says:

        We would not dare miss one of your great concerts. we will sure get the tickets in the morning. Also good to hear from you.

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